Product Designer & UX Consultant passionate about how people and technology can create a better world.

🇦🇷 Based in Buenos Aires

👨‍💻 Working Globally

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📌 Summary

I'm a Product Designer & UX Consultant with more than 7 years of experience. I'm focused on UX design, with strong skills in research and product strategy, with vast experience in fintech and e-commerce companies.

Currently working in the Web 3 Industry.

With multi-disciplinary teams, I design end-to-end products making design decisions based on insights and analytics to produce a positive impact on the business by giving the user a better experience.

I'm always looking for new experiences and opportunities, trying to hear new ideas, and also making them. I want to keep growing as a Product Designer, learning from the practice of doing amazing work with an experienced team.

👨‍💻 My Work Experience

Sr. Product Designer - Lemon

Feb 2022 - Nov 2022 | Remote, Argentina

I was in charge of designing the experience and the strategy of products that united the FIAT world with Crypto, mainly in Argentina. I worked on features and flows for the ARS wallet and developed new payment and investment products.

Sr. Product Designer - Aivo

Nov 2020 - Feb 2022 | Remote, Argentina

Leading the redesign of all the products from the company and building and scaling the Design Team.

Product Manager - Acamica